What people are saying

We have had a phenomenal response to the film and its message from people all over the world, and it’s been both thrilling and very moving to read how people are receiving the film. You can read the press coverage and tweets, here, but we also wanted to share with you comments made by viewers on our YouTube page and from other sites about how the film has affected them.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their thoughts on the film and please do leave your comments.


‘Why couldn’t I have seen this when I was going through this stage about a year and a half ago. I kinda fell in-love with my best friend also, I couldn’t actually tell him how I felt as we grew somewhat distant. Honestly this shares so many lights on the whole “Coming Out” and this clip kinda helps people understand…Sorry I’m a bit lost for words and well I don’t usually comment on things but this actually hits home so much!’ (YouTube, Dec 14) 

‘I cried so much while watching this. It’s all so true and meaningful, there are no words to describe how amazing and brilliant everything was written and planned out. Beautiful job, great work. Wishing you happiness in your future, Kim’ (YouTube, Dec 14) 

Growing up I was taught that it was immoral to like the same sex. That you are damned to hell. That being said, I was also taught to love everyone for who they are. I am 28 years old, and just now beginning to understand just how conflicting that is. (Yes, that might be a little “old” for this realization, but it was still very taboo to be part of the LGBT community when I was younger.) While I am still battling with the things I was taught growing up, I am starting to see things differently. THANK YOU for this video. It is because of things like this that I am beginning to question my views…my up bringing…my beliefs. :)’ (YouTube)

This is my first ever Youtube comment, and I’m glad it’s for this beautiful piece of short film I watched lately. Great work! Great courage!’ (YouTube)

‘Amazing!’ (Stephen Fry, Twitter)

‘I don’t remember ever seeing anything as poignant and beautiful as this. I wish this film had been around when I was in love with my best friend in high school. There is enough depth and truth here to save lives.’ (YouTube)

‘Unbelievable. It’s amazing how simple yet captivating this is–it’s doesn’t even really have a sad tone to it, but I’m crying all the same. No wonder this got so much praise! Probably one of the best expressions of love I’ve ever seen on film. It really resonates with it’s audience. Pure talent, by both the director(s) the writer(s) and the main actor. Wish some modern romance films had this much heart behind them. Major props!’ (YouTube)

‘This is amazing.’ (Ellen DeGeneres, Twitter/Facebook)

‘Why am I crying? I watched this three times in a row before i got the courage to send it to my friend who, like in the clip, i was in love with… he was mad and angry at first, but he then realized how he feels the same way and we are going from there… I just want to say thanks :)’ (YouTube)

‘Every now and then a piece of art like this comes up that will be timeless. Best wishes and big thanks for all of those involved in this film.’ (YouTube)

‘Showed this to my girl best friend to help her understand my sudden same-sex relationship with a boy. She understands us better now. Thanks!’ (YouTube)

‘I love this film so much, it’s my favorite gay themed film that I’ve watched so far. I watched this with my best friend at one point (my 7th time, his 1st) and he loved it to he came out after watching this to all of us- our little group of friends- and the next step is to tell his parents. he actually told his now boyfriend that he loved him the same way Charlie told Sam in the film. I think this film really helped my friend very much so on his behalf and from me, thank you for making this film’ (YouTube)

‘Wow. So much of this was hitting places I’m only too familiar with. It’s was like high school all over again. Thank you for this, only a few years ago I thought no one else in the world would be living similar things, let alone write about them so beautifully and work to make it a short film that’s so easily accessible. Spread the message. Blessings’ (YouTube)

‘Watching this and after done crying i asked myself: “how i could be so coward until now?” … a real inspiring video. Thanks a lot.’ (YouTube)

‘As an educator looking for meaningful films for my students, I thank you! I thank you not only for treating the topic of love with such humanity, honesty and genius, but also for reminding me that it is the voices of the young that are the future for us all. Thank you for the wonderful lesson that is this film is for me as a teacher of young people.’ (YouTube)

‘I was afraid to tell my friend but then I heard Kim Ho’s words over and over again, so I wrote “je t’aime” on a piece of paper and gave it to him while holding his other hand…’ (YouTube)

‘Amazingly beautiful. Thank you for this. We need more just like it. I wish I had the courage at his age to do such wonderful things. Many, many blessings to you in your life for all the lives that you have touched and saved just by creating this video. Thank you.’ (YouTube)

‘I wish films like this existed when I was a young teen. Really amazing and so well done. Brilliance and wisdom wrapped in truth. The acting was completely riveting and compelling. The emotions came through as real and deep. Thank you for making this and sharing it. I’m sure it is helping many young people realize they aren’t alone. (YouTube)’


‘Moved by your film…… memories of the late 60s…….. so focused on, so captivated by, so much in love with my best friend, Pete……… yet afraid that it be known. Heartened that times have changed ………you can now tell your story now. Thank you for expressing how I felt at age 17 so beautifully.’ (YouTube)

This is the story of my life! This short film has heart-warmingly captured how same-sex attracted guys are tormented by their feelings in our heteronormative culture. I love how it portrays the difficulty we face in expressing our attraction to guys (who may or may not be straight) in our macho aussie society. (YouTube)

‘This has to be one of the most beautiful short films I have ever seen. Words cannot express how much it means to me. Brought tears to my eyes and messed up my makeup, but it was worth it a thousand times over. Well. Done.’ (YouTube)

Very interesting, beautiful and inspirational vid. If you don’t come out after seeing this video you might as well stay in the closet. Have confidence in yourself to tell a close friend or your mom first. When you have broken that seal, telling other people comes naturally. (YouTube)

‘I have the biggest smile on my face. Absolutely beautiful film.’ (YouTube)

‘This is a magnificent short film done by a teenager. It’s brilliantly written, wonderfully acted and incredibly funny. It has moments of true wisdom and cleverness and it is to be applauded. Beauty in any form – tis beauty still.’ (YouTube)

‘I loved this, especially because I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. Everyone should watch it because it explains love in a way that nothing else can.’ (YouTube)

‘One of the most beautiful short films I’ve ever seen. A friend of mine is gay and he still struggles with coming to terms with his sexuality. So a few weeks ago I showed him this short film and he said it helped him being more comfortable with himself. It’s really an inspiring short!’ (YouTube)

‘Oh my gosh, my heart hurts! This is so beautiful. And I may be straight, but I agree with everything he said. Brilliant piece!!’ (YouTube)

‘My god…This resonates so much with so many of the people I care about. I normally feel selfish about feeling such strong love towards people who don’t feel the same way but as he says.. It’s something I can’t control. This is absolutely magnificent. He captures the physical and mental of the emotions I feel and it throw me off a bit. It is rare for someone to be able to characterize what i am feeling so accurately, I feel slightly breathless and my heart is going faster just thinking about them’ (YouTube)

‘This Short film is amazing. As a gay man and fully out to everyone this film really hit every single thing I felt when I was coming to terms with my sexuality and coming out to everyone. I know this short film will help those who need it and seem so familiar to those who have been in the same place. Thanks you Kim Ho for this amazing short film. This has to be one of the best short films I have ever seen’ (YouTube)

‘This is one of the most poignant and brilliant short films I have seen…and Kim’s performance in it is so heartfelt. It draws you in and you go through the confusion and angst of the subject matter. This can easily become an iconic literary work for all teens facing such issues, and heaven knows they need to see they are not alone and that their thoughts are normal and not weird…AND FOLLOW YOUR HEART.’ (YouTube)

‘Thank you for this marvelous, tear-summonning court-métrage. :-)’ (YouTube)


Whooaaaaaa! This is seriously amazing and very heart-capturing.. The words expressed in this video is exactly what i have been going through and hve gone through..i am so pleased when i encountered this video.. I mean i have been looking for lgbt short movies for teenagers but most of them are too engulfed in darkness.. This one is light and bright and it speaks from the heart and im sure these are thee exact words that want to get out from underneath the tongue of every closeted gay teenager 🙂 (YouTube)

‘I love this short film! It’s one of the few where I don’t really care if they end up together.. It’s just so brilliant how real it is – one thought take the other and suddenly you end up confessing to yourself what you have been afraid of for a long time! And in the end you know exactly what you should do and don’t care about the consequences or what comes next. You just do what you think is right in that moment. Brilliant script and acting <3’ (YouTube)

‘I think everyone can relate to this but for LGBT kids it is especially difficult. The pang of love and the certainty that one word said out loud means desolation, isolation, the loss of the very friend. Now, something about the writing and acting. when the credits rolled and I found that he wrote and starred in the thing. WOW! What a beautiful piece of acting work. A kiss on both cheeks, I am so proud of you!’ (YouTube)

‘Thank you for this beautiful film. Of course, the world was different when I was a 17 yr old (’72), but had there been this kind of reassurance from another young gay person so readily available, might have skirted a whole lot of heartache. Truly wonderful writing, performance and direction. Thanks so much.’ (YouTube)

‘This is amazing, i mean everyone can relate to this (gay or straight or whatever). The way you speak your mind out, just for yourself when something is overwhelming. I do this everytime, i even mess around with languages (what you want to say ALWAYS sounds better in other language haha is a fact). Is a damn 10 minutes monologue yet it feel so fluid and fun. 🙂 Great insight you have here!” (YouTube)

I just can’t even describe how incredibly beautiful that was im mentally dying from the wave of emotions coming over me. ‘ (YouTube)



4 thoughts on “What people are saying

  1. I have watched this so many times and never tire of it. Thank you. As a gay man married with 2 adult sons I wished I had something like this when I was young. It would of encouraged me down a different path.

  2. Thank you. One of the great things about the online space is to be able to share films like ours, which have the ability to inform and support young people. We’ve had so many comments from young people around the world who have found in the film their own stories, their own experiences, and who have drawn from it both the example and the strength to accept themselves and find their path. It’s very humbling to read their comments on our YT page. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. Four years on, THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE is still near and dear to me. It It took me back to that age, when I fell in love for the first time and came out. It also started me on a long review of my relationships over the past 40+ years, finding new things in them and myself. My favorite line in the film is, “I want to BE what’s best for him.” It’s so simple, but I’ve never heard or thought it in those words before. I’ve gained a whole new perspective about love and myself. Thanks, Kim and please keep writing!

  4. Words spoken because I couldn’t say them.
    You are me. I am you. I have a ‘Sam’ too.
    I’m sensitive to his every word. I’m such a coward.
    I haven’t told him yet. He is perfect, only to me.
    I sleep an imaginary sleep in his arms. I cry with desire.
    He is so beautiful, I can hardly breath.
    I see his face when I awake.
    I must decide; “Is it Better To Speak or Die” *

    * “Call Me By Your Name”

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