Press Coverage

Since its launch in April 2013, THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE has attracted media attention around the world, featuring on The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, on YouTube’s YouTube Nation, National Public Radio in the States, on ABC Radio National in Australia, in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian (Australia), and in many leading gay publications.

We’ve even had Stephen Fry, Dannii Minogue and Ellen DeGeneres tweeting about us.




See the coverage below.

Daniel Magazine

The Language of Love’s Back Story: An interview with Kim Ho

Peril Magazine: Asian-Australian Arts & Culture

The Unstoppable Kim Ho


‘This high school student knows more about love than most people’

The Huffington Post

‘If you watch one thing today, let it be this beautiful, teen-written short film.’

YouTube Nation

‘You HAVE to see it!’ (host, Jacob Soboroff)


‘I can’t get over the brilliant messages that are tucked like jewels into this beautiful short film. Media like this gives boys permission (and a role model) to talk about their feelings … whoever they’re for.’

The Times Educational Supplement (TES)

The Love That Did Dare To Speak Its Name

The Sydney Morning Herald

‘a ground-breaking short film..(which) has resonated with audiences around the world’ (July, 2013)

‘After a triumphant year, Kim pulls a rank ahead’ (December, 2013)

The Guardian (Australia)

‘Kim Ho’s beautifully honest Language of Love captured my heart.’

Public Radio International (USA)

‘When Australian teen, Kim Ho set out to write a monologue for a writing contest he certainly didn’t anticipate winning, nor could he anticipate the buzz that his monologue-turned-short film has created on the internet.’ (Australia)

‘Stephen Fry throws support behind young Australian playwright.’ 

Ad Age

YouTube Courts Sundance for Indie Filmmakers, Advertisers

ABC Radio National (Australia)

‘Teenagers making art that packs a punch.’


‘The Best Things In Queer Cinema In 2013’

Gay publications

The Advocate

‘This short film about a gay teen in love will melt your heart’

Iris Prize Festival

‘Here’s a thrilling example of youthful talent.’

Yagg (France)

Découvrez le court-métrage «Le Langage de l’Amour»

Soy Homosensual (Mexico)

Madurar, salir del closet y aprender a hablar ‘El lenguaje del amor’

Stop Homophobie (France)

‘C’est une excellente méthodologie d’approche, un monologue intelligent, salué par les critiques… Une introspection et “outil pédagogique” qui mérite d’être largement diffusé, notamment dans nos écoles’.

AmbienteG (Spain)

‘Os cautivará y os pegará a la pantalla en los casi 10 minutos que dura.’


‘Well, a star is born and his name is Kim Ho. The 17-year-old wrote and stars in the delightful coming-of-age, coming-out short film, The Language of Love.’

Gay Star News

‘A short film about an Australian school boy admitting that he is in love with his best friend is continuing to go viral’ (July, 2013)

‘The 8 most heartwarming LGBTI moments of 2013’ (December, 2013)

‘a lively, honest, sensitive and optimistic look at discovering yourself’


‘The process of coming out as gay and falling in love for the first time is explored in the new short film The Language of Love’

Vada Magazine

‘The Language of Love is a caring, thoughtful examination of young love and LGBT issues that is delivered straight from the heart through use of the head.’


‘There’s few things more deliciously painful than a schoolboy crush’

Star Observer (Australia)

‘Short film speaks The Language of Love.’


‘a story that captures the feelings and emotions of gay kids who often feel alone and isolated because of their sexual orientation.’

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