THE LOVE THAT DID DARE TO SPEAK ITS NAME Kim Ho, Times Educational Supplement, 13 December, 2013 When Olympic diver Tom Daley came out, his video went viral. But he wasn’t the first: one young Australian’s film on the same subject was already an internet sensation. Kim Ho reveals why he made it. In late 2012, I [...]

Two new interviews with Kim

Two new interviews with Kim have been published recently, each with its own particular perspective on THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE.In the interview for DANIEL, the leading US publication for gay Asian men, Kim talks about the discussions he had with mentor Tommy Murphy on deciding the overall arc of the film, and discovering the piece's [...]

¡100,000 GRACIAS!

We were thrilled recently to have the Spanish-subtitled version of THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE, EL LENGUAJE DEL AMOR, featured on leading Spanish-language news-site UPSOCL (a sister site to the awesome Upworthy). We really wanted the film to reach audiences outside the English-language speaking countries, and so commissioned versions with Spanish, Chinese and French subtitles. Needless [...]

El lenguaje del amor: el mejor video que podrás ver este día

Thrilled to be featured on Splendid Mind! ‘The best film you will see this day!’


¿Cómo explicar el amor? ¿Cómo decirlo abierta y francamente? Dicen que el amor es como el mar: siempre esta ahí y siempre es diferente. Y por ser diferentes muchas veces es visto como algo riesgoso, peligroso, intrigante. Pero aquellos que tienen la valentía de demostrarlo yluchar por él, son aquellos que subliman su alma y se engrandecen como individuos. El siguiente video es una verdadera obra maestra que tienes que ver: 

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A big happy Valentine's Day to you! We are thrilled to report that YouTube is featuring THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE as a favourite for Valentine's Day on their daily round up of what's best on the platform, YouTube Nation. Jacob Soboroff introduces the film, saying that 'you HAVE to see it!' Kim, appearing on [...]