The Language Of Love Story

The Language of Love, written by and starring 17-year-old Kim Ho, is directed by Laura Scrivano, and was filmed in Kim’s school in Sydney, with his friends featuring as the other students taking the French exam. It has been shared by Ellen DeGeneres and Stephen Fry,  while the the response from people around the world has been amazing.

You can read and download the script below, and at THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE SCRIPT

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The Language of Love creative team reunited to create The I Do Project in 2017, in response to the postal ballot, which asked the  Australian people if they thought Australia should allow gay marriage.  For the project, we imagined that, 4 years on, Charlie’s received a letter from Sam, with a question in it for him. Charlie’s response? See below…(warning: your heart might will burst).

Check out our teaching resources for the film, here. We recommend this resource for classes of students of 13 years and up.

If you are an actor or drama student and would like to perform the piece for an exam or audition, that’s great. We are THRILLED to let you use the piece but it would be good to know about it so let us know through the contact details on the site.

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Watch Kim’s original short film monologue, Transcendence, where we first meet the character of Charlie,  below. This was adapted by Kim, under the mentorship of Australian playwright Tommy Murphy.

You can read an interview with Kim, here. Read an interview with Kim, here.

Find out more about director Laura here.  Laura and the producer of The Language of Love, Dan Prichard, have continued to collaborate on projects, their most recent production being Alice, a dark reworking of Noël Coward poem’s of the same name, starring Sarah Snook, from HBO’s Succession.

You can watch an interview with Kim, director Laura, and mentor Tommy, below.

We hope you enjoy the film. 🥰

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