#Celebrate Kindness

celebrate kindness

‘I know what my mates’d say. One time, we went down to the beach, just laughing and mucking about. But, y’know, ‘Tanning is skin cells in trauma,’ so I offered to put sunscreen on Sam’s back. He just smiled, said it was fine, but the other guys howled me down. Didn’t let me forget how gay I’d acted. ‘Charlie’s a poofter!’ But I don’t want to forget. I don’t want to forget Sam running back from the surf, shaking the water out of his hair. Big grin on his face.’ 

Charlie, The Language of Love

This week is #NoNameCallingWeek in which you are asked to #CelebrateKindness by the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in the States.

A fantastic initiative aimed at addressing verbal bullying in schools, #NoNameCallingWeek (#NNCW15) was inspired by the popular young adult novel entitled The Misfits by popular author James Howe.

The book tells the story of four best friends trying to survive the seventh grade in the face of taunts based on their weight, height, intelligence, and sexual orientation/gender expression. The friends create a new political party during student council elections and run on a platform aimed at wiping out name-calling of all kinds. The No-Name Party wins the support of the school’s principal for their cause and their idea for a “No Name-Calling Day” at school.

Motivated by this simple yet powerful idea, the No Name-Calling Week Coalition was created by GLSEN and Simon & Schuster Children’s publishing and now consists of over 60 national partner organisations who, every year, run No Name-Calling Week, one of the largest bullying-prevention initiatives in the US.

You can find out more details about the initiative, including some great teaching resources and information about how you can get involved this year and next, here.

If you are a school or a performer and would be interested to screen or perform THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE as part of this initiative, or as part of a project to counter homophobia and bullying in schools, do let us know. You can read and download the full script of the original monologue, below or here