Happy Valentine’s Day!

A big happy Valentine’s Day to you!

We are thrilled to report that YouTube is featuring THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE as a favourite for Valentine’s Day on their daily round up of what’s best on the platform, YouTube Nation. Jacob Soboroff introduces the film, saying that ‘you HAVE to see it!’

Kim, appearing on the show, says about the film: ‘I really wanted to explore the idea of love being universal, whether you are gay or straight, regardless of who you love or who are you are, it’s all the same’.

We, understandably, are very happy!

Says Kim: How wonderful that YouTube is supporting The Language of Love on Valentine’s Day! All love is equal, and I’m so proud to see YouTube promoting that message with our film.

And Laura sent us this, from LA, where she is now based: ‘It’s super exciting to have The Language of Love featured on YouTube Nation, especially on their Valentine’s Day special. It’s an important day to share our support for same love, partnerships and marriage equality both in Australia (where same-sex couples are not afforded this basic human right) and overseas. We can’t think of a better way of being ‘proud to love’ than sharing our film with YouTube Nation audiences this Valentine’s Day’

We hope that being featured on YouTube Nation will bring the film to the attention of a lot more young people around the world who will relate to what Charlie is going through.  We’ll let you know.

Next week, some very exciting festival news! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!


One thought on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Great to see it featured on YouTube Nation. All love is universal and good for everyone, but the laws are not. Steady progress is being made and THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE is helping. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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