YouTube selects THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE for Sundance!

Laura and Kim lo

We are thrilled to have been selected by YouTube to represent the best of indie film on the platform for the Sundance Film Festival, taking place from 16th to 26th January 2014.

YouTube has made three two-minute teaser trailers that are airing before the festival’s short-film screenings. Each trailer promotes a short film already available on YouTube — ours, one from The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; and the third from Zealous Creative.

YouTube created the trailers to attract attention to its  short-film library, and to get indie filmmakers, who might thinking about online distribution on YouTube, and advertisers, who might support them.

“Most people don’t think of this amazing content when they think of YouTube,” said YouTube VP-marketing Danielle Tiedt.

You can read the full story, over at Ad Age, here and check out the trailer below.


Our director, Laura, is now in Sundance to represent the film, and had this to say:

It’s extremely exciting and an incredible honour to be chosen as one of only three short films from around the world to represent YouTube at Sundance. The level of audience engagement with the film continues to amaze me and it’s wonderful to now see The Language of Love being recognised by the wider film industry. I’m thrilled for Kim Ho, The Voices Project and the entire team.

Laura will be reporting about her adventures on the blog shortly. Meanwhile, watch the FULL film, here.

The Language of Love at the YouTube party.

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